Bed porch swing made from old Headboard

Life with a Trophy Husband - making it together.
I have  been seeing these wonderful bed porch swings on Pinterest and knew I needed one for our lower back porch that faces the lake. I had this old Federal style king size headboard that was not being used. We cut off the legs and built the base with pine 2 x 4's. headboard porch swing
Trophy Husband always makes sure everything is solid, so he attached with 3" deck screws.
diy Porch swing made from Headboard
 We used tongue and groove Shiplap style boards for the seat area. The legs for arm rest were table legs we cut to size. I wanted to use a  4" cushion pad so cut the arm rest to  be be a comfortable height with cushion on. The arm rest is left over 2 x 4's and a 2 x 6 we had lying around to give the arm rest more mass, since the swing is pretty large. I sanded the heck out of everything to make sure there were NO sharp edges for little ones to get hurt or scratched on.
Headboard porch swing made from old bed -
 I chose a black satin finish water based exterior paint. The entire swing was given 2 coats of paint with a 4" roller, which made it pretty quick to paint.
Black diy porch swing from old headboard
Trophy husband used heavy duty eye bolts  and attached to the back of headboard and front of swing base. Now to install!life with Trophy husband - diy porch swing
Trophy husband leveled on saw bucks to make it quicker to get rope lengths equal. I purchased our rope at Lowe's it was only .33 per foot. I bought extra to wrap the rope to make it more decorative and wanted tassels at the top. If you wrap your rope figure 2 times the length for the wrap and then add a couple more feet for knots and tassels. Tip: make sure you wrap the rope the same way on all 4.
The swing was attached to boots Trophy Husband built in between the deck rafters for support , attached with 3" deck screws, this swing is solid as can be.
life with trophy husband swing project blog
Because the swing was pretty large I needed a cushion that measures 28" x 54", which means custom.  I wanted a 4" foam pad, but that was over 80$  just for the pad. I ended finding at Hobby lobby 2" pad that a purchased on sale and glue 2 together with fabric glue to make a 4" pad for  less than 50$, cut the length with a super sharp knife. My daughter chose the outdoor fabric from Joann Fabrics. I would never have chose such a bright color, but I am so glad I trusted her style, it looks amazing. I ordered the black piping from Ebay, it took a few weeks to arrive , but was made to order and a nice twill quality for exterior use. I am a sewer, so sewing this cushion was possible. If you don't sew I would pay someone.
life with trophy husband -porch swing diy
 The green needed the black piping it really tied the colors together. The outdoor rug is from Big Lots.
 handmade bed porch swing
Here is the finished swing. We angled it for the best sunset viewing across the lake. The throw pillows were made from fabric from Joann's. I had old toss pillows I took apart and saved the fiberfill pillow shapes, saving a bit of money. We Capricorn's recycle everything, except toilet paper. (:  
porch swing made from old bed
I hope you enjoy my DIY blog of the wonderful things my Trophy husband makes for me.  Please visit my website to see my handmade barefoot sandals and made in USA socks. I do not profit from this blog or use cookies or tracking. I share my project sources but I am not affiliated with them and receive NO  commissions.catheirne cole lace socks and barefoot sandals
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