Bohemian weddings! The new outdoor wedding trend

Bohemian wedding style is totally the new rustic. Here's how to incorporate bohemian foot jewelry style into your big day.

bohemian wedding ideas - boho wedding style

 This “new rustic” has an outdoor, relaxed look and feel combined with a more artistic and mismatched vibe. 

bohemian foot jewelry  - boho bridal style

Couples will want to bring in a wide range of bohemian wedding ideas to enhance the look and feel, including crystals, dreamcatchers, colorful and woven textiles, and lush florals such as cascading bouquets, flower crowns, and blooms woven into braids.

bohemian wedding ideas - boho bridal style

Vintage-styled jewelry is a popular choice for rustic brides and grooms for their wedding rings, and the bride’s day-of jewelry, with Edwardian and Deco pieces being quite popular. Small and large quartz crystal necklaces grace the necklines of the bohemian bride, as well as turquoise jewelry and metallic floral garlands, headbands and crowns that reflect inspiration from nature.

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