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Welcome to my first blog post. I decided to start sharing the projects we make together.  I wanted to create a blog without cookies, spam and ads. Just photos and instructions  about our projects. 

 Now that its summer is here, I am on  a mission to decorate our lower back porch that faces the lake. I decided I did not want to use traditional outdoor furniture. Our home has a Southern Plantation / New Orleans style. So I was on the hunt for anything wrought iron.

                I scored this little half circle table from FB Marketplace for 20$
gold metal table diy Catherine Cole Studio


After a good hosing down, I dried it then gave it a light side with a sanding block ( I like the 1$ one at Dollar Tree). My last step was to wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to remove any grease and grime. This really helps to achieve a pant finish. 

gold table makeover for back porch

I like to spray paint my objects upside down first. Easier to get into all cracks.

spray paint for table makeover

I find I have the best coverage with this brand of spray paint. I used the satin finish on this table. I have purchased cheaper paints, but it's not worth it.

metal table makeover for patio

After the first coat was dry, I flipped it over  and finished painting the table.

diy black metalpatio table

I added felt pads to bottom table legs, cleaned the glass and added pads to buffer glass. Since we get a bit of wind off the lake I glued the glass to pads with e6000 glue.

 metal table makeover for Plantation back porch

I think it looks great on my back deck. What a difference a little spray paint can make. I use it to hold my music speaker.

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