LACY double lace leg warmers - cream

$ 24.99

The perfect leg warmer for the lace obsessed. Lace on top and bottom, wear  them long or scrunch them down Just the prettiest cream button down leg warmer ever! You will just love how delightful they feel!  To make them extra special we put lace on both ends of this precious leg warmer. The cream color compliments so many boot colors. How did you ever live without these lovelies? Our most popular lace leg warmer!
18"LONG, can stretch to 17-18" around
super soft and cozy yarn and oh so lacy
100% acrylic
one size fits most women
These are meant to be very fitted, so they stay up
I recommend hand wash and lay flat to dry***

in stock and ready to ship in 1-2 business days from NC.

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