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Do-It-Yourself: Button, Button, Where is the Button? Easy-to-Make Button Jewelry Pins

Fun button jewelry pins

I never throw anything away in my design studio. In fact, I've been looking at a jar of buttons for over 10 years. It was time I found a use for these wonderful vintage pieces, so I thought I would create a new, free gift item for my loyal customers. 

I decided to create a fun button pin with a little jeweled bling.


vintage buttons for crafting


Do you hoard buttons and various knick knacks too? Pull them out and get ready to craft!


button jewelry crafting diy


I have had the best time creating these wonderful pins, everyone is unique and one of a kind. Just like my customers.


jewelry from vintage pins and jewelry

Want to make these yourself? Super fun and easy! All you need is pin backs and lots of buttons and old jewelry.

diy jewelry from buttons  crafting

Cut a round piece of cardboard for backing. Then, hot glue a pin back on and cover with a ribbon for extra strength.

fun button crafts

I find crafting a great way to relax. Making something beautiful out of discarded items is very rewarding.

pins made form old buttons


What do you think?

I love to surprise customers with free gifts like these button jewelry pins. They're unique, fun to create, and make great gifts!

Let me know how your crafting session went in the comments below!

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Love buttons, I have my mother’s buttons, I have cover a bulletin board in my kitchen with buttons around the frame. This is the second great idea to do with the buttons thank you for posting.


I haVe a lot of buttons. The only problem is , not so much the same. Guess I’ll have to look around. Pretty pins and nice you give them to your costumers.


which glue do you use for button brooches


i run a little craft session in our local cafe/ safe space for people to meet and chat when they need to. i thought this idea with buttons would work great. im excited!!


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