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Beaded key chains - handmade FREE gifts for customers November 19, 2018 08:38

I LOVE designing and crafting!  When you have been in business over 25 years you acquire lots of  pretty beads, buttons, trims and jewels.  Here is my latest batch of FREE gifts for my customers, made for assorted buttons, wood beads, and real shells.  key chains beaded diy

Key chains made from glass beads and charms.

key chains made from wood beads diy

Purse charms made from real wood beads and shells.

beaded key chains,  diy gifts fro customers
I have the best customers and love to add a handmade surprise in their order.
My latest batch of beaded key chains, maybe one of these pretties will be in your order.

Customer Pictures September 29, 2018 20:13

Customer Pictures 

We appreciate all of the customers that tag us in pictures on social media and all of the customers that sent in pictures recently for our photo contest! We LOVE seeing pictures of our customers glowing on their special day. Whether it's pictures of them on their wedding day, on vacation, or just being fabulous every day we're glad that our products bring smiles on your faces and make you feel BEAUTIFUL and confident! 

Wedding Trends We Love August 19, 2018 15:08

Classic Trend Turned New: 
This classic jewel trend that's making a comeback this year are the pearls. They're not only being worn in earrings, but they're also being added into headpieces, wedding rings, embellished into wedding dresses, and added to other creative wedding accessories. Pearls always make a touch of elegance to any bride. The can add a classic touch or even a perfect ocean accessory for a beach wedding. 
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Socks for Brides:
We know socks for groomsmen and the groom have been trending for a long time now, but have you guys heard of the BRIDE wearing socks?! This new trend includes sheer tulle socks paired with classic white heels that will have you looking like one of the most elegant brides. If you want to go with a little more sparkle our rhinestone tulle socks are perfect for you! 
Flowers That POP: 
Florals are always in for weddings, but the trend that we've been seeing more and more are embroidered flowers on wedding dresses, veils, accessories and more. Lace paired with your embroidered wedding accessories will have our wedding looking truly romantic. 
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Beach-side Weddings: 
Beach weddings have been a trend for a long time, but what we’re really loving lately are the beach themed accessories that are coming into style. From beautiful hair pins, jewelry, and barefoot sandals this wedding season we want to you to see brides sparkle next to crystal ocean water. Starfish, seashells, and the classic pearl are being added in creative accessories to dazzle on brides, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and groom alike!
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Bohemian weddings! The new outdoor wedding trend May 27, 2018 14:15

Bohemian wedding style is totally the new rustic. Here's how to incorporate bohemian foot jewelry style into your big day.

bohemian wedding ideas - boho wedding style

 This “new rustic” has an outdoor, relaxed look and feel combined with a more artistic and mismatched vibe. 

 bohemian foot jewelry  - boho bridal style

Couples will want to bring in a wide range of bohemian wedding ideas to enhance the look and feel, including crystals, dreamcatchers, colorful and woven textiles, and lush florals such as cascading bouquets, flower crowns, and blooms woven into braids.

 bohemian wedding ideas - boho bridal style

Vintage-styled jewelry is a popular choice for rustic brides and grooms for their wedding rings, and the bride’s day-of jewelry, with Edwardian and Deco pieces being quite popular. Small and large quartz crystal necklaces grace the necklines of the bohemian bride, as well as turquoise jewelry and metallic floral garlands, headbands and crowns that reflect inspiration from nature.

Color my Wedding World - the perfect barefoot sandal to match your wedding colors May 04, 2018 08:05

Picking your bridal palette isn’t exactly as easy as choosing your two favorite colors and making them the foundation for every wedding detail.  First things first: location. Have a color palette in mind as you start your venue search.

 Pretty in Pink:

pink barefoot sandals wedding - pink footless sandals bridal - pink foot jewelry beach

 Your wedding colors can also help create a vibe for your wedding day. If you're going for a lot of drama, then a dark or jewel tone palette, like ruby red and black or emerald and gold, is a better choice than, say, light pastels. Think about the style and atmosphere you want to have, whether it's relaxed or nostalgic, and what colors put you in that mind-set.  

 Royal and Sapphire blue:

sapphire blue barefoot sandals wedding - royal foot jewelry

 Just like your wardrobe, your wedding color scheme can be inspired by the time of year you're saying “I do." Think about the shade you want to use to bring out the season in your color palette. Rose gold and pink is perfect for spring, while a brighter aqua and royal is a summer staple. For fall, a rich purple pairs well with other jewel tones, and gold and silver are a pretty wintry combo. 

Passion for Purple:

purple foot jewelry - purple barefoot sandals wedding

 Remember when purple was your favorite color as a young girl?  Personalities that like purple are usually unconventional and likely to achieve positions of authority. Purple is also the color of royalty and can represent magic, mystery, creativity and strength. People who like people are highly individual and can also tend to be witty, sensitive, artistic, intuitive, tolerant and dignified.

 Lilac Ladies:

lavender barefoot sandals - lilac foot jewelry

Lavender or lilac are very gentle and cool colors for a spring or summer wedding, they are so beautiful and tender! Just imagine a pastel lavender wedding dress, or dress your bridesmaids in this color! If you want to give some lavender touches to your groom, make him a lavender boutonniere and but a cool silk tie. 

Do-It-Yourself: Wish Bracelets- Fun to Make, Fun to Wear, Fun to Give! March 10, 2018 10:24

wish bracelets - diy jewelry
I'm blessed to be in business since 1991, and I have the best customers, and I'm always looking to make a special handmade "thank you" gifts to include in your orders.
My latest handmade gift project are these adorable and simple wish bracelets!
handmade jewelry - wish bracelet
What's so fun about these wish bracelets? They're simple to make, and just so adorable!
Our wish bracelets are a great gift idea for friends, family and holiday gifting. The simple card with a cute, personalized note make them even more special.
how to make a wish bracelet
Want to make these yourself? You're in luck, because these are so simple to make, and such unique gifts! All you need is simple jewelry cord (I used a wax coating cotton cord from Michael's). Cut the cord 15" knotted on one side and string a pretty bead or 3 coordinating beads (have fun, be creative!). Then, knot each side of the bead in the center of cord, and knot the other end side. Finally, cut 2 slits on your card and tie the bracelet on to the card. Your wish bracelet is done!
wish bracelets by Catherine Cole Studio.
Hope you have fun making your own wish bracelet, or receiving one of mine in your order. I LOVE to surprise my customers with special handmade gifts like these!

Do-It-Yourself: Button, Button, Where is the Button? Easy-to-Make Button Jewelry Pins January 28, 2018 20:48

Fun button jewelry pins

I never throw anything away in my design studio. In fact, I've been looking at a jar of buttons for over 10 years. It was time I found a use for these wonderful vintage pieces, so I thought I would create a new, free gift item for my loyal customers. 

I decided to create a fun button pin with a little jeweled bling.


vintage buttons for crafting


Do you hoard buttons and various knick knacks too? Pull them out and get ready to craft!


button jewelry crafting diy


I have had the best time creating these wonderful pins, everyone is unique and one of a kind. Just like my customers.


jewelry from vintage pins and jewelry

Want to make these yourself? Super fun and easy! All you need is pin backs and lots of buttons and old jewelry.

diy jewelry from buttons  crafting

Cut a round piece of cardboard for backing. Then, hot glue a pin back on and cover with a ribbon for extra strength.

fun button crafts

I find crafting a great way to relax. Making something beautiful out of discarded items is very rewarding.

pins made form old buttons


What do you think?

I love to surprise customers with free gifts like these button jewelry pins. They're unique, fun to create, and make great gifts!

Let me know how your crafting session went in the comments below!

Fun silk flower corsage pins from vintage jewelry January 22, 2018 20:41

I love creating from vintage and obsolete items! Today I made corsage pins from vintage earrings.   Making something old and discarded  new and beautiful is very rewarding  and great therapy!  I was given a bag of  vintage jewelry from the 60's and have been waiting to find the perfect upcycle.
Today a made a "crop" of flower corsage  lapel pins to give as "surprise" gifts for my customers.
silk flower pins from vintage jewelry
   Want to make a crop of these flower pretties? It's fun and super easy!
   I found that the clip on earrings worked the best. You can find them super cheap at thrift stores.  I just snipped off the back earring metal clip with a wire cutter or needle nose plier.
vintage jewelry upcycle corsage pins
     I purchased silk flower blooms online and at Michael's, I also purchased  girls flower headbands and cut off the elastic.
silk flower corsage pin diy
 I picked up pin backs at Walmart, 40 pins for $3. Hot glued them to the back and then hot glued  a piece of ribbon on top of the pin to make more secure.
silk flower corsage pins diy
Hot glue the earring or jewelry piece to center of flower and you are done!
Great gift for Mother's Day, use them as a gift bow.  Pin them on your winter coat, knit poncho, anything! I love to wear hats so I pin them on my felt berets, I get sooo many compliments.
silk flower label pins
Happy Creating!


Starfish barefoot Sandals to adore for your beach wedding July 30, 2017 21:23

Starfish barefoot sandals to delight.

   Beach and destination weddings are trending and one of the most popular theme is Starfish. Your wedding party will delight wearing these starfish inspired styles.  Starfish hair pins, adorable starfish footless sandals for your flower girl and lovely starfish gift set for your bridesmaids.

                                                starfish flower girl barefoot sandals - girls starfish foot jewelry

              The perfect sandal for your Flower Girl. Our handmade starfish barefoot sandal is strung on clear elastic and stretches to fit sizes 10-2 girls.

Treat yourself to FREE USA shipping on order $69 and more

It's all about the hair. Compliment any bridal hair style with our silver rhinestone hair pins. Sold in packs of 4.

starfish hair pins - starfish bridal hair pins

 Rose gold is a trendy metal color for weddings.

We have you covered with 2 lovely rose gold bead starfish sandals.

starfish rose gold barefoot sandals

Rose gold starfish pearl hand beaded barefoot sandals

fits sizes 7-12, made on clear elastic

starfish rhinestone barefoot sandals

Rose gold starfish rhinestone hand beaded barefoot sandals
fits sizes 7-12, made on clear elastic

flower girl starfish foot jewelry

starfish bead barefoot sandals

We have matching Flower girl rose gold barefoot sandals

rhinestone and pearl version. fits 10-2 girls.

starfish beaded barefoot sandals

Our silver beaded starfish sandals add just the right amount of sparkle to your wedding

 fits 7-12, handmade on clear elastic

starfish hair pins - starfish barefoot sandals

The perfect gift for our bridesmaids! Our silver rhinestone starfish hair pin and barefoot sandal gift set is a lovely accessory for your beach wedding.  

starfish mermaid ankle bracelet

Our mermaid gypsy  silver starfish ankle bracelet is handmade and one of a kind. Beautiful  and unique like you. This handmade ankle bracelet features silver antique coins, petite pearls, turquoise starfish and drop charms

starfish key west barefoot sandals 

starfish silver barefoot sandals

Starfish pearl bead barefoot sandals that are perfect for your nautical  beach wedding! Handmade and elegant pearl starfish barefoot sandals inspired by the city of Key West, with a delicate gold or silver metal starfish charm.

mermaid starfish barefoot sandals

Casual wedding starfish barefoot sandals.  Inspired by the sea, our handmade beaded barefoot sandals are simply perfect for your gals that wish you had fins! 



Our lace barefoot sandals were seen  in "DWHA" magazine. UK largest magazine destination wedding magazine.

Feature in NAIL"S Magazine July 2016 August 22, 2016 11:43

foot jewelry - barefoot sandals - nails magazineBig thanks to Nail's Magazine for featuring our "Something Special" barefoot sandal in silver. in their July 2016 issue. 
Barefoot sandals are a great excuse to get a pedicure!

" Made in the Carolina's " TV segment | Barefoot Sandals April 06, 2016 10:42

Look who is on TV! I am featured on TWC news "Made in the Carolina's". Big thank you to Richard Green and Time Warner Cable News for these great video segment about my design studio!

Please Watch Our Segment On Barefoot Sandals