Do-It-Yourself: Wish Bracelets- Fun to Make, Fun to Wear, Fun to Give! March 10, 2018 10:24

wish bracelets - diy jewelry
I'm blessed to be in business since 1991, and I have the best customers, and I'm always looking to make a special handmade "thank you" gifts to include in your orders.
My latest handmade gift project are these adorable and simple wish bracelets!
handmade jewelry - wish bracelet
What's so fun about these wish bracelets? They're simple to make, and just so adorable!
Our wish bracelets are a great gift idea for friends, family and holiday gifting. The simple card with a cute, personalized note make them even more special.
how to make a wish bracelet
Want to make these yourself? You're in luck, because these are so simple to make, and such unique gifts! All you need is simple jewelry cord (I used a wax coating cotton cord from Michael's). Cut the cord 15" knotted on one side and string a pretty bead or 3 coordinating beads (have fun, be creative!). Then, knot each side of the bead in the center of cord, and knot the other end side. Finally, cut 2 slits on your card and tie the bracelet on to the card. Your wish bracelet is done!
wish bracelets by Catherine Cole Studio.
Hope you have fun making your own wish bracelet, or receiving one of mine in your order. I LOVE to surprise my customers with special handmade gifts like these!