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thrift store 7$ makeover - Catherine Created

I found this cute mirror at Goodwill for 7$.  It was missing some ornate frame pieces, I repaired with bake molding clay, I made a mold from existing designs, baked it then used as a mold for new pieces.  I did hand mold some to make it more accurate. Popped it in the oven, then glued on with Gorilla glue. 

thrift store mirror frame repair - Catherine Created

Easy repair with bake clay and Gorilla glue

old mirror dated 1964 makeover aging the glass - Catherine Created

I wanted to give the mirror and aged look. When I took the paper backing off I noticed the mirror was from 1964. I got a little nervous, I didn't want to ruin this vintage piece, since it was my first attempt at aging a mirror.

I brushed on orange paint stripper then layered a thin piece of painters plastic and left it for a few hours to breakdown the grey painted layer. I carefully scraped off the grey paint with a plastic scraper (most of the paint came off with the plastic ). I then wiped down the back of the mirror with a clean cloth.  

I then grabbed a spray bottle of bleach cleaner and lightly sprayed around the edges to give it a natural aged look.

Thrift store 7$ makeover - Catherine Created

I spray painted the frame with gold spray paint, then wiped down the gold frame with brown acrylic paint to give an aged look. 

I think it turned out great, I layered it over my white fireplace mantle. 

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